Waste and dangerous materials

PTS Dufour offers its services for the transportation of hazardous goods and waste. We understand the importance of handling and transporting such materials safely and in compliance with regulations.

Transporting dangerous materials

PTS DUFOUR has developed expertise in the transportation of hazardous materials, including all classes except Class 1 and Class 7, through its road transport activity.

 Drawing on this experience, PTS DUFOUR offers various solutions for road transportation of hazardous goods. These transports require specific expertise, and our road teams are trained in the particularities of transporting hazardous materials, including labeling and labeling requirements, customs procedures, and security advice.

 All our drivers are trained in accordance with the ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road), and our vehicles are certified ADR and/or approved by the prefecture for the transportation of waste by road.

 With our specialized knowledge and trained personnel, you can trust PTS DUFOUR to handle the transportation of hazardous materials safely and in compliance with regulations.

Transporting waste

PTS Dufour is also authorized to transport your waste. We ensure, with the same level of commitment, the road transport of waste. PTS Dufour offers a comprehensive or tailor-made solution for the management of your waste, thanks to our qualified teams and our approved partners.

Here are the services we provide: 

  • Administrative management of your waste streams (Waste Consignment Note, notifications, etc.).
  • Operational handling of your waste.
  • Support and monitoring of your files for a comprehensive and optimized solution.
  • Compliance with applicable regulations, including obtaining a prior declaration for waste collection and transport.
  • Commitment to transport the waste to recycling centers and treatment facilities.
  • With our expertise in waste management and transportation, we ensure that your waste is handled safely, legally, and in an environmentally responsible manner.