Pick & pack

At Dufour Entrepôt, we understand the importance of efficient handling and packaging of your goods. That’s why we offer our clients personalized services, tailored to meet their specific needs.

Sorting & Logistics Operations

We specialize in order fulfillment services such as Pick & Pack (individual pieces, inner packs, master packs, and pallets).

If you need to replace your packaging, apply marketing stickers, or simply bring your products into compliance, no worries! We have a dedicated team to follow your specifications.

Our goal is to provide you with a flexible and adaptable organization. We make every effort to improve your logistics chain in an efficient manner.

    Handling and packaging of your goods

    PTS Dufour offers its customers tailor-made services. We provide you with a flexible organization and secure facilities perfectly adapted to the logistical constraints of your products. Our qualified staff and premises are entirely dedicated to you.

    • Container unloading and stuffing: we take care of filling and emptying containers.
    • Groupage: we assemble several consignments of goods belonging to different customers into a single load. This system enables us to optimize flows, reduce transport times and cut costs.
    • Wedging: we secure your loads and ensure their stability (airbags, straps, etc.).
    • Quality control: we carry out checks on arrival and departure of goods (according to standards and your specifications).
    • Order preparation: we prepare your orders (Picking & Co-packing).