At Dufour Warehouses, we specialize in Import/Export handling operations and associated logistics flows.

  • We take care of the complete administrative management of your receipts and orders, from tracking delivery notes to verifying associated documents.
  • We analyze your needs, instructions, and specific requirements to tailor our handling and packaging processes accordingly.
  • With our professional expertise and network of partners, we can provide you with various types of pallets and suitable cardboard packaging.
  • We ensure that each step of the process is carried out with precision and professionalism, guaranteeing the quality and efficiency of our logistics services.

Container stuffing

  • We handle the loading and securing of your goods, taking photos for documentation purposes.
  • We apply security seals to the doors of our containers to ensure their integrity during transportation.
  • Each of our containers is identified with a unique number, enabling automated tracking of your goods.

Container unloading

  • We verify the seals of the containers and take photos for documentation purposes.
  •  We track the container using its unique identification number for effective monitoring.
  • We unload the containers and conduct thorough inspections, followed by palletizing if required.
  • We prepare the orders and load them onto the designated delivery sites.