PTS DUFOUR anticipates your logistics needs through its warehousing services. Our company has two secure, AEO-certified warehouses with 10,000 m² of storage space to manage the packing and unpacking of your container goods.

For your cargo groupage and consolidation of both imports and exports (e.g. pallets, cases, bulk), you benefit from the know-how of the PTS DUFOUR teams, customs-approved warehouses (Fr. MAE/MADT), and specialised stevedoring equipment.



Whether receiving, dispatching, or packing goods, our qualified staff are trained in all areas of the logistics chain. For your order preparation, just-in-time delivery or long-term warehousing, PTS Dufour is a reliable, professional and efficient choice.

Safety and security are integral elements of our warehousing activities. All our sites are made secure through our video-surveillance system tied in to the port security services of Le Havre (GPMH).

Dufour warehouses play an active role in improving the services we provide our clients, particularly by ensuring:

  • Deliveries, labelling, etc.
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Compliance with customer requirements (e.g. quality standards)
  • Handling of the international market (export/customs service)
  • Tracking (status of shipment)


  • Booking appointments with recipients
  • Order preparation
  • Automatic replenishing of supply
  • Primary packaging (in units for retail sale)
  • Product palletisation (wrapping)
  • Product repackaging
  • Pallet controls
  • Container stuffing and destuffing