A partnership with start-up Carbolocal
4 July 2023

PTS Dufour is proud to have collaborated with Carbolocal, a startup supported by Le Havre Seine Métropole, to participate both financially and physically in hedge planting projects for farmers. As you know, we are committed to environmental stewardship and continually strive to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our teams visited Vatettot-sur-mer (76111), a mixed crop and cattle farming operation. Our goal was to plant 800 trees and shrubs. These hedges were strategically planted on the farmer’s land to achieve the following objectives:

Carbon sequestration: Capturing CO2 emissions.

Biodiversity promotion: Encouraging a diverse range of plant and animal species.

Flood and erosion prevention: Helping mitigate the effects of flooding and soil erosion.

Creating shade for animals: In this case, we planted the hedges in a certified organic free-range egg farming operation to provide shade for the chickens.

Thanks to our participation, we were able to sequester 36.5 tons of CO2!