PTS Dufour offers you its transport services for both dangerous products and waste.


PTS DUFOUR has developed a specialisation in road container transport of dangerous materials of all classes (except 1 and 7).

With the strength of this experience, PTS DUFOUR offers you a variety of road transport solutions, requiring a particular type of expertise. Our road teams are trained in the specific aspects of transporting dangerous materials, such as labelling and customs formalities.

All our drivers have received training on the ADR treaty (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). Our vehicles are also ADR-certified and/or approved by French préfectures for waste transport by road.

Our safety advisor, Philippe BOULET, monitors compliance with transport rules for dangerous materials.

  • Annual report on company activities, including information on safety improvement actions.
  • Staff training on the risks of dangerous goods.
  • Quality assurance for the transport of dangerous materials.
  • Guidance on the various classes.


PTS Dufour is also certified to transport your waste products. We provide road transport of waste following the same strict requirements as for dangerous materials. PTS Dufour offers you a comprehensive or tailored solution to manage waste with its qualified teams and approved partners.

  • Administrative management of your different waste flows (waste tracking slips, notifications, etc.).
  • Waste handling.
  • Support and monitoring of your orders for a comprehensive, optimised solution.
  • Compliance with applicable regulation by obtaining the French declaration of collection and transport of waste.
  • Commitment to send waste to recycling centres and waste treatment plants.